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About Bearski

Welcome to Bearski Bath & Body! We work hard to give you the yummiest, prettiest, skin-lovingest, handmade soaps, lotions and body products available. Give a gift of Bearski stuff, or keep it for yourself - our soap and lotions are good for every body. You're sure to find a fragrance that makes your nose sing, and if not, feel free to shoot us a suggestion for a new scent.


Bearski is a family owned and operated business, located in Evergreen Colorado, a hidden gem at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Our products and recipes were developed nearly 10 years ago and perfected over time, we still hand make many of our products the same way today. Our goal is to deliver great good-for-you products that you’ll be proud to put on your body. Our products are available online, at one of our home soap parties or at one of the many fine retail locations that offer our products.


Bearski Bath & Body products are made with skin loving ingredients that nourish and moisturize your skin. Check out the way your skin feels when you use them. Our money back guarantee reflects the 

confidence that we have in our products, and the promise that you'll love them. 


                                                 Happy Moisturizing,


                                                  The Collins Family 



Bearski disclaimer: Bearski makes every effort to create products that are beneficial and enjoyable for all skin types. If any product irritates your skin or creates any type of undesirable reaction, please discontinue use immediately and contact Bearski for a replacement or refund. Thank you!

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